I want to wash my face with rain and hope it wash my fear
I want to see light from the sky and hope it light for me
I want to watch the plan grows and hope itu grow my heart
I want to swimming in the sea and swim away

I want to touch the torn and hope I can feel the pain
I want to burn the anger down and hope I can feel peace
I want to climb up to the trees and hope I see so high
I wish I had a pair of wings and I will swim the sky

earth… I am calling u know
Sky, sky. Im heading to u know
Sea… im drowning in u know
Oh love, I just wanted u know

I want to wash the fear away. I want to see a light for me
I want to grow my heart, I want to swim the sky
I feel pain, I feel peace, I feel light, and I feel high

Earth keep spinning me …around…
I feel jumping n fall…around…

words by Utami Pratiwi